R.W. Corner – Songs and Blues

The roots of R.W.Corner can be found in many musical-genres. There are elements of blues, funky blues, West Coast, and also hints to the sounds of 1960’s UK. It might be very cool for the audiences to see and feel the way, these german musicians play this kind of music! The main point is: It grooves!

It is important to R.W.Corner, that all musicians are free to play interesting and virtuoso instrumental solos within the context of the arrangements. The most important thing for us is to have fun whilst playing our music. So it is normal for the band, that the music never sounds similar; this being dependent on the atmosphere and feeling of the audience and the musicians!

Most of the music is written by R.W.Corner himself. R.W.Corner also plays a few cover songs from the likes of, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker and Lou Reed. For this R.W.Corner gets the chance to play with some of the established musicians within the German scene!


A Collaboration of Many Great Musicians

He collaborates with the famous live/studio guitarist, Markus Wienstroer, and his brother Konstantin, Award recipient of the Folkwang-School in Jazz arrangement, also a famous live/studio session musician on the bass.  Dietmar Steinhauer, plays the piano and the organ. Jan Wienstroer, the son of Markus Wienstroer, plays the drums in such a wonderfully musical way. You can also hear Tiziana Moi on backing vocals.